The following page provides some data sets that may be useful in academic research.

C.N.V. Krishnan, Vladimir I. Ivanov, Ronald W. Masulis and Ajai K. Singh,
“Venture Capital Reputation, Post-IPO Performance, and Corporate Governance”
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 46(5), 1295 – 1333, October 2011.

VC Reputation Database

The database provides a VC’s IPO Market Share (in %) for 1000 VCs for 7 years between 1996 to 2002. IPO Market Share is computed as VC’s dollar market share of all venture backed IPOs in the preceding three calendar years.

C.N.V. Krishnan and Ronald W. Masulis,
“Law Firm Expertise and Mergers and Acquisition Outcomes”,
Journal of Law and Economics 56 (1), February 2013.

M&A Legal Advisor Market Share Database

The database provides both Acquirer and Target Legal Advisor Market Shares for the years 1990-2008. It is constructed from the prior 3-year rolling window lead bidder (target) law firm market share of the legal advisory business. Each law firm is given full credit for each offer for which it provides advisory services. Specialty Delaware litigation counsels are excluded.


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